Round V-Bottom

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Silicon Nitride

Alumina TiC


Dimensions (Inches)

Shape: Round V-Bottom

Part Number (ANSI)

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Edge Prep

IC (A)

Thickness (T)


RCGN-2V T1 .250 .187
T1A .250 .187
T2A .250 .187
RCGN-3V T1 .375 .312
T1A .375 .312
T2A .375 .312
T4B .375 .312
RCGN-4V T1 .500 .312
T1A .500 .312
T2 .500 .312
T2A .500 .312
T4A .500 .312
T5A .500 .312
T5B .500 .312
A .500 .312
RCGN-5V T2A .625 .394
RCGN-6V T2A .750 .500

See Ceramic Grade Descriptions for more information
Cutting speed and feed recommendations can be found in the Technical Data section
For assistance with grade or edge prep selection, contact Greenleaf Technical Service

Ceramic Classification

- Whisker


- Silicone Nitride


- Alumina TiC


- Al203


- Stocked Standard


- Stocked or Available Upon Request


- Not Recommended


Introducing Ring Max™

A complete API ring groove tooling solution. Finish API ring grooves in Inconel 625 clad overlay in less than a minute! For information about Greenleaf's Ring Max™ Cutters, please contact Greenleaf Technical Service at 800-458-1850 or 814-763-2915

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